About My Blog

This blog is designed to document my Aliyah through posts, pictures and comments.  It will cover my journey from before I leave Los Angeles, and up until I feel my life has become boring enough to not write about any more.  But until then, I’ll be writting, so please keep reading.  Hope you enjoy!


2 responses to “About My Blog

  1. Alison

    you sent me the email that you made aliyah to my old email so i didnt even know you were there!
    congrats! Im coming in January and I would love to see this kibbutz!!

  2. Wheeew. What a journey. David , congrats to you for fulfilling your dream and making Aliyah. Truly enjoy reading all your story and really think you could work on publishing it somewhere. Then you could make a lot of money, and come back here and be a capitalist….Ha Ha, just kidding. David be carefull and safe, and please let me know when you are coming back here to visit. I am going to visit Lori on Jan 19 and looking forward to seeing her and the family.
    Bye for now and thanks for the blogs.

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