Peace For the Golan????

March 2008

Only a few days after he spent a week vacationing with his wife in the Golan, Olmert is talking about giving the Golan to Syria in a peace agreement.  Is Olmert really ready to give the Golan to Syria?  Does he really think it will bring peace?  Is it a good idea? A little background, and then you decide…

The Golan Heights is a plateau in northern Israel, bordering Syria.  It was captured from Syria in 1967 during the Six Day War, and has been an integral part of Israel ever since.  Aside from it’s beauty, the Golan Heights is a strategic location for Israel’s security because of it’s position overlooking the Kineret (one of Israel’s key water sources), and the surrounding population.  Before Israel captured the Golan Heights, Syria used the Golan to attack the Israeli population below.

Our friends in Syria, backed by our even better friends in Iran, are huge fans of a group of terrorists currently fighting the Lebanese, called Hezbollah.  Just a quick reminder, Hezbollah is the terrorist group that for years fired katyusha rockets on to northern Israel from Lebanon and kidnapped two reserve soldiers from the border in 2007 which ultimately led to the Second Lebanon War.

Peace for the Golan anyone?


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