Some Time to Relax

Wednesday October 17th was my brother’s 16th birthday; I thought about him a lot over the course of the day and wished I could be back in LA, just to give him a hug and wish him Happy Birthday.  That was one of the first times that it hit me that I was so far away from my family.  I went up north to the Sea of Galilee, the Kinneret, in the afternoon.  An Israeli friend of mine who lives in Eilat was driving up to Tel Aviv, so he picked me up on the way and then I took a bus from Tel Aviv to Tiberius, or T’veria.  I spent that night on a beach by the kinneret.  The full moon lit up the sky; the waves lapped up on the rocks of the beach in the shimmering light.  It was such a beautiful night.  It made me so happy to be back in Israel.


KineretThe next morning, I woke up and went to T’veria where I sat in a coffee shop for a few hours and read a good 50 pages of Exodus over a cup of coffee and some cake.  Lunchtime rolled around and I looked for the nearest Shawarma stand.  I found several, but I wanted to eat at the best one.  So I walked in to a small grocery store and asked the man working there where that was good Shawarma.  He pointed me in the right direction.  After good food and walking around the beachfront in T’veria, I took a bus to Afula to visit my cousins.  I spent the night with them, and then on Friday they took me to the train station, which was a 30 minute drive.  On the way, we stopped at a Chumusiah – a restaurant where the menu consists of different kinds of Chumus, which they bring to you with pita, onion, pickles and olives.  It was delicious!  Clearly, I like the food here.  I took the train from the north to Modi’in, a suburb of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, to stay with the director of Nativ and his family for Shabbat.  Shabbat was very nice and relaxing, with great food.  From Wednesday through Shabbat, I didn’t have to worry about setting anything up, going in to offices, or signing papers.  I had 4 whole days to myself to enjoy being back in Israel!  It was so nice to not have to worry about anything and to just be able to relax.  On Saturday night, I had to take a bus back to Kibbutz Sa’ad from Tel Aviv.  The next morning, I was going to have to get up early – it was my first day of work!


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  1. Abba

    Shalom David!

    Ani m’vaker ba’atar shelcha be’erech kol shavu’a lir’ot im hosafta mashe-hu chadash. Tamid m’anyen li likro im yesh l’cha ra’ayonot o r’gashim (feelings?) al ma she’ata oseh o koreh l’cha. Gam Grandma v’Grandpa ohavim likro – aval ani tzarich l’hadpees et zeh bishvilam v’lishlo-ach lahem he-etek; ha-machshev she-lahem kol-kach yashan v’oved kol kach l’at she-ayn lahem savlanut l’nasot l’hikanes la-atar l’vad.

    Rak hatza’a achat – “chayal boded” lo be’emet “lonely soldier,” elah “lone soldier.” Elah im ken ata margish boded v’azuv! Ani m’kaveh she-zeh lo ha-matzav shelcha…

    L’hishtamay-a! B’ahava,

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