Navigating the Maze – The Kibbutz

Tuesday October 9th was the morning that would begin my process of settling in and getting myself set up.  This was my first day and I was excited as could be.  My goal for today was to make all the arrangements to set myself up on kibbutz, and I was ready.  Ruti, who is helping me out in the kibbutz, took me around in the morning.  I opened up an account in the office, from which I will pay for food, Internet access, phone calls made from my room, and anything else that I pay for on kibbutz.  It is also the account that my stipend will go into at the end of each month.  My account has a number, and whenever I have to pay for something on kibbutz I use that number and they take that amount of money from my account.  I talked to the man in charge of internet and I had that set up in my room for a small fee of 66 shekels per month.  I tried to get a cell phone through the kibbutz, but the man in charge of cell phones didn’t have any more phones and would only get more in a week or two.  I didn’t want to wait that long, so I decided that I would go get one on my own.  I also have a mailbox on kibbutz, so if I get mail, I go and pick it up from the mailroom.  My mailing address here is:


David Landau

Kibbutz Sa’ad

D.N. Hanegev 85140
IsraelSo that was my first day; I had set myself up on kibbutz.  I felt accomplished.


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