Navigating the Maze – The Final Steps…Except a Cell Phone

After spending good quality time with friends and having a relaxing Shabbat full of delicious home-cooked food, rest, and being with people who love me and take care of me as if I were their own child, I was ready to put my nose back to the grindstone.  Sunday morning, October 15th, I went first thing in the morning to the Misrad K’lita, the office of Absorption, in downtown Jerusalem.  One of my friends is volunteering there, so once I went upstairs, I called her up and she brought me right in, no lines for me!  It’s good to know someone on the inside; I guess I’ve always known this, but now I see it in action.  I went in and gave the advisor my bank account number so that I could get the money from my absorption basket, which will be a little over $3,000 over the course of the year.  The money will be put in directly to my account.

After the Misrad K’lita, I took a bus to the other side of town to the offices of Nefesh B’Nefesh.  I took care of some business there, and on my way out saw a cell phone store.  I now had a bank account, so I could go get a cell phone!  I went in and waited for at least an hour, only to find out that I needed to get a form signed by the bank that would allow the cell phone company to draw money directly from my bank account every month instead of billing me, before I could do anything else.  I took the form and left.  My first attempt at a cell phone was not too successful, but I was on the right track.  I found out that someone from the kibbutz was driving back from Jerusalem that night so I called him up and arranged to meet him on a certain corner close to where I was staying.  He picked me up around 11pm and we got back to Sa’ad around 12:15am.  I slept most of the drive.


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